Monday, September 01, 2014

PICC Sleeve

My son-in-law's PICC was inserted at the elbow joint.  Instead of lying flat the PICC is perpendicular to the joint. He therefore needed a PICC sleeve through which the PICC could be inserted and then covered. 


160 yds  sport weight yarn (I used 2 ¼ ounces of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Medium)
#3 42 inch circular needle or any length to allow for magic loop technique.
Gauge: 27 sts and 44 rows to 4 inches (6.75 sts to 1 inch)
Finished size: 9 ½ inches diameter, 7 ½ inches long when folded

Chain Edge Stitch 
Work to last stitch.  Pick up strand between the stitch on the right hand needle and the one remaining on the left hand needle and loop it onto the left hand needle.  Bring yarn in front, slip the loop + last stitch onto right hand needle so that the front “leg” of both stitches is in the back (instead of the usual way). Turn the work and to begin next row, knit the last stitch and the picked loop together.  Make sure this is loose because it will make a very tight edge if the yarn is pulled too tightly.

Cast on 64 stitches loosely and k2p2 rib for 1 inch, or 8 rows.
Begin stocking stitch and continue until work from cast-on edge is 4 ¾ inches.
Divide work into two sections of 32 stitches each, designating one as the front.
On the back section continue stocking stitch until ribbing.
On the front, for two rows, k 13, p1k1 for 6 sts, k13
Next row, begin slit. Knit back and forth on the circular needles as if using straight needles, beginning and ending the row at the slit, preferable using the chain edge stitch [Ch Edge] for smooth edges at each end of the row.
Row 1: Ch Edge 1, k2 , p 58 ,k 2 Ch Edge 1
Row 2: Ch Edge 1, k2 ,k 58 ,k 2 Ch Edge 1
Repeat rows 1 and 2 until the slit is 1 ½ inches long, about 20 rows.
Resume circular knitting. 
k2p2 rib for 1 inch, or 8 rows
K1 1 row for the fold line
Begin reverse st st and continue for just under 5 ½ inches from the fold line
k2p2 rib for 1 inch, or 8 rows
Bind off with a very loose bind off