Monday, November 06, 2006

We meet Jenny Bakriges at Rhinebeck

Click on the link above to Spinning Spider Jenny's to see the photo of Caroline and me.
We were so happy to run into Elizabeth (right)and Jenny, left. I met Elizabeth at NCS's Fibre Fallout. And, you can read all about Jenny's Spinning Silken Fibers Workshop I took in August in the archives.

Here we are, having just finished some, dare I say it, lambchops. On the left is April, in the middle is Caroline and on the right is April's friend Sharon. Refreshed, we're off to explore and fibery things.

A Human in Sheep's Clothing and her Shepherdess!

And some real sheep

My real score of the day was to get to Hatchdown before all the spindles were gone. I bought 3. Way too many but will probably sell one to a blogger I met at Beth and Jenny's booth where we bought some lovely Roving from Beth (left) and baby camel from Jenny (right).


spider said...

Hello Liza,
Nice photos from Rhinebeck! It was great to meet your daughter and see you again. Elizabeth and I had such a nice time that day. I'm just sorry I missed Jenny and Beth's booth. What was the name of it? Where was it?

Liza said...

Hi, Jenny. Jenny and Beth were sharing a booth with Anne Barclay Priest. It was in Building 31 and called Blue Island Farm / Black Fen Farm.
Lovely to hear from you.