Friday, March 27, 2009

Sam's Vest Resumed

I think I began knitting this sometime in 2002. Poor Sam! Every now and again he'll say something to the effect, "where's my vest?" I lost heart when the ball of yarn I was using showed obvious signs of a moth attack. This, of course led me to a frantic search for evidence of moth damage in my stash. Luckily, it was only this ball affected. It must have come from the vendor (now forgotten) that way because the rest of the yarn is okay. I bought more of the Plymouth Galway #1 from another vendor but it doesn't match --it's too starkly white and the dye lot I'm using is a little creamier. Which could be from age, of course.
I'm using my own design, based on consultations with Sam about his favorite styles. He liked the cable pattern. I began with a tubular cast which disappointingly flares out.
So, today I've decided to take it up again. The cable row, every four rows, is a little slow-going but very satisfying.

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