Sunday, May 01, 2011

Grandmother's Delight

In April 2009 I finished an EZ Baby Surprise Jacket for my grandson [the post is at]. The next fall [see post] I lengthened the sleeves as my grandson was growing out of it and the short sleeves of this design weren't working for him. The only comment from the recipient's mother at the time was a lesson on how to use color better when knitting. And yesterday the recipient's father advised me on the errors I had made knitting the buttonholes; his fingers had trouble getting the [adorable vehicular] novelty buttons through without catching the yarn.

To my eternal delight yesterday I learned that until very recently said grandson had adored this sweater. Despite his parents' protestations he insisted on wearing it and until the last possible moment. I could tell 'cause the last button hole was pulled out of shape and he's not in the tubby department.

My grandson has a new baby sister thus the sweater will shortly have a new wearer. So Granny nabbed the sweater, assured the mother she didn't care if it needed washing and took it home to work on. We will look for big round buttons to make it easier for granddaughter's dad's big fingers to button it on her. And, I will put the charming vehicular buttons on a new sweater for my grandson. (See the first link for a view of the buttons or my Ravelry page.)

I sit here grinning in the knowledge -- two years after I finished it -- that the little person I made the jacket for loved it. It's all worth it.

P.S. My D.B. had no problem maneuvering the buttons in and out of the button holes as neither did I. Just checking....

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