Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pomcho with Pompoms

Poncho With Pompoms

300-400 yds bulky weight yarn
Needles  #8 circular 32";   #8 dpn’s;  6-8  markers ; row counter if needed
Size 2-4 years old
Finished Dimensions 24" across straight across bottom; 23 1/2" from edge of collar to center from.  Will fit a 2-4 year old.
Cast on 170 sts (bottom edge)  and connect, joining 1st and last stitch to ease the jog. 
Bottom Edge:  Rows 1-4  Make a four ridge garter band:* P 1 round, K 1round* repeat 3 times
1st section: begin the decreases
Round 1.  *Knit 2;  PM  (Note: PM becomes SM in all subsequent rows)  ;  k2tog; K 77 sts; SSK ; PM;  k4; PM; K2 tog; K 77 sts; SSK ; PM; K2.  The 2 sections with four stitches between markers are the center front and back of the poncho.
Round s 2-4: K.  Repeat markers these 4 rows until there are 126 sts.
 2nd Section  
Round 1 *Knit 2;  sm  ;  k2tog;  Knit to 2 sts before next marker;  SSK;  sm ; K2 * Repeat once till end of round. 
Rounds 2 & 3: K K 2 rounds.  Repeat these three rounds until there are 92 sts, You will be working on the neck opening while continuing the decreases until there are 92 sts.  
Front Center  Begin after the first decrease of 2nd section (122 sts)
Round:  1 P 1; K to lst st: P_
Round 2 and all even rows through row 8: K
Round 3: Purl 2, K to last 3 sts: P
Round 7: Purl 4; K to last four sts: P.
Neck Opening
End of Circular knitting.  Switch to knitting back and forth while at the same time maintaining both the decreases and the 4 sts garter ridges at the neck opening.  For a tidy edge you may (optional) switch to the chain edge stitch at the beginning and end of the rows for the neck opening (see stitch glossary for directions).
When there are 92 sts, in the next purl row place markers after the 23rd and 69th sts for the shoulder shaping.  You may find it helpful to use a different color or style of stitch marker from markers used for the shaping decreases.
 Shoulders Row 1: [RS] Decrease as usual at the neck and back edges. For the shoulder decreases, K to 2 sts before the 1st new marker and slip these two onto right needle, k next st and psso. Repeat before next marker. 
Row 2.  [WS] P
Repeast Rows 1 & w until there are 52 sts.  The work is now divided into 4 sections, each having the same number of odd  numbers of sts.  End with decrease right side k row.
 Neck Row 1: WS K
Row 2: RS make opening for i-cord -  k1 *k2, YO* to last 3 sts, K2tog, k1
K 4 rows, BO  knitwise.
Make 36" icord and lace through openings.  Make 2 1 1/2" pompoms and attach to end of icord after lacing it through the eyelets made by the YO’s.
 FINISHING  Sew in ends, wash and lay flat to shape and then give it to the lucky toddler/child
 Optional Hood   
Instead of BO, continue for a hood.  Maintain the neck opening garter st edging on both sides of the hood. 
Row 1: K 25 sts, PM; K 2; PM; K24.
Row 2( and all even rows) : K 4 sts; P to last four stitches; K4 sts
Row 3. K24 sts, Inc.1 st.; K2: Inc1 st.; K 24
Row: 5- K
Row 6: K 4 sts; P to last four stitches; K4 sts
Repeart Rows 3-6 until there are 66 sts.
BO - Bind off
Chain edge stitch : just before last stich on needle, bring yarn forward pick up the horizontal thread and put it on the right hand needle, slip the last st onto right hand needle, turn work and knit the last first st (formerly the last!) together with the loop.
DPN - double point needles
Inc. - Increase 1 st: Either KF& B ( knit a stitch into the front loop of stitch and then into the back loop of a stitch) or M1 (make a stitch by knitting into the strand just before the stitch, making sure to twist it so a hole does not result)
K -  knit
K2tog; put right hand needle into 2nd st from live end on left needle and knit the two together
P - purl
PM -  place marker
PSSO - Pass slipped stitches over the knitted st
RS Right Side
SM - slip marker
SSK - slip two sts knitwise, slip back onto left hand needle and knit both at the same time
St(s) - stitch(es)
WS - Wrong Side
YO - Yarn over     

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