Monday, July 28, 2008

Burping the Baby!

I've experimenting with the Mason Dixon Knitting pattern for a "burp cloth" -- the Baby Genius Burp Cloth.

This is the first one, using the pattern suggestions for one ball of kitchen cotton -- about 95 yards and #8 needles. It made a loose fabric, wider than long. I'm concerned that it won't be impervious enough for the purpose intended, nor long enough to cover the "burper's" shoulder adequately. Some babies are mighty good burpers.

So, for the next two (only one is photographed) I switched to #7 needles, which resulted in a 11" wide cloth. I used 3 balls of 95yd Lily 'n Cream in adorable pastel stripes. (see my Ravelry site for details). One is 15" long and the other is 16" -- no reason, just what worked out in terms of color repetitions. The fabric is properly dense yet drapes nicely.

The yellow and ombre striped version (#3 here) is my favorite so far. I'm using Bernat Cottentots from my stash and it's just perfect. I frogged what I'd knitted on #7 needles because the fabric wasn't drapey enough. And goodness knows, it certainly has to drape over the shouler. The loosely plied yarn makes a denser, thicker fabric. And, it's much softer.

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