Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Guild Challenge for 2008

Every year we have a "paper bag challenge" at the guild. This year we received about 2 oz of CVM, California Variegated Mutant also knows as California Red. I've spun it before, having bought a sampler package from The Bellwether in Washington State which included an ounce or so of CVM. She doesn't offer these samplers any more but I found it a very useful way to learn about different sheep breeds.
The fiber Jenny bought from a NJ was softer but still had a few second cuts. It isn't a particularly soft fiber but the red hairs m hairs and creamy color make it intriguing.
The skein, 62 yds and between 1.5 and 1.75 oz, is one of my many "orphan skeins" from such experiments. It'll probably be great for rug hooking.
I spun it on my new Golding "birthday spindle", a 1.21 oz sterling silver ring spindle which is a dream to use -- like all of Tom Golding's spindles. For plying I used the Tracy Eichheim 2 oz "Starlite Comets" spindle. The hook is quite small but works with thick yarn surprisingly well. This is a trusty, great spindle to work with.

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