Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Another Lovely Dyepot Day at NCS Guild

From left to right:
1. logwood
2. quebracho -- 2nd dyeing (it's a lighter pink)
3. onion skins -- it must have lain right on them 'cause there interesting watermarks all over the scarf. Most funky
4. quick dip in the onion skin then immersion in 2nd dyeing of logwood. Beige under the purple.
5. walnut -- deep rich golden bronze
6. quebracho -- 1st dyeing (darker, almost fuschia pink)
Last Friday was the annual natural dyepot day for North Country Spinners. I just love it. This year, tho', we only had the guild pots. Jean, who usually brings a big pot of golden rod was ill and unable to attend. Wishing Jean a speedy recovery! So, I only dyed silk scarves which are really pretty useless as I don't wear them and very few people I know do. However, I'm hoping they make little presents that will please 'cause the colors were just lovely.

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