Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Yet Another Bathmat

I've been just delighted with a stash of 30 balls of kitchen cotton I scored at North Country Spinners annual Swap & Sell Day last month. Actually, it's a wonderful opportunity to exchange stashes, for some of us and for others, to take advantage of others' need to destash! It takes just over 16 oz to make this bathmat on #7. That works out to 3.20 balls of solid 2.5oz balls plus 4.1 balls of 2oz variagated balls.

So, there I was, knitting on the way to visit our good friends in Wildwood when I realized that the colors of the bathmat would work perfectly in their downstairs / guest bathroom. What a charm it is to make this practical item. I started it Thursday evening and if I hadn't greated a great rat's nest of a tangle, I would have finished it Saturday evening. As it was, I finished it early (for me) Sunday morning. Et, voila (we'd seen Julie and Julia the previous evening!)

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