Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Problem Sweater for Ari

I have grown to loathe knitting with any cotton but thick kitchen cotton or tightly plied cotton in any grist. This summer I've been knitting away at a lovely pattern which I've adapted somewhat by lengthening the sleeves. It's Oat Couture's "Fisherman's T-shirt for Baby". For some reason, now unknown to me, probably because I had the yarn and liked it in the skein, I used Filatura Di Crosa Dolce Amor in colorway #5, lime green. I will have probably used almost four balls. But, it's a very splitty yarn and I'm knitting it on #0 and #2 needles. The knitting went quickly enough but it is the most unforgiving yarn I've ever used so my hand, which is usually very even on both sides, looks just awful. I'm praying that a ride through a hot washer followed by a tumble in a hot dryer will full it a little and even up the stitches.

The final blow was that I didn't cast off the neckline tightly enough so it sort of waffled. See the photo! But, I frogged it back to the neck cast off and both front and back are much more acceptable. I'm even beginning to like it. And, it's the perfect weight for a fall sweater.

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