Monday, July 31, 2006

An embarrassment of spindles... And, a mystery

Innocently enough I was preparing for the Spinning Silk Fibers workshop I'm taking at Peters Valley in two weeks. Looking through my spindles -- just the ones in NYC, mind you, I realized I had quite a few.... To see just how few, you can go to my Flickr page:

What does a librarian do in her spare time? Of course, catalogue her spindles. My Flickr Page has the photos of those spindles I've managed to photograph thus far. You see, I'm a victim of the double stash syndrom: some of the spindles are in NJ. The collection is even more egregious. Hanging my head in greedy shame....

There's no photo because Blogstop refused (about half a dozen times) to upload the image of my "mystery spindle" this morning. It is on Flickr Page where it's labeled "Who 474 - Mystery Spindle".

Should you know who made this spindle, would you be so kind as to let me know? You can comment right on Flickr. I bought it from Janet Lynn at The Wheel Thing in Connecticut. The label which came with it states: "bleached bubinga [whorl], cherr[sic] shaft; 15g; $36." It spins like crazy but the hook is the most fragile I've every encountered.

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Jason said...

Holy moly! What a collection. I am so envious. I am a new spinner and am now just getting used to spinning with a spindle. I am going to read what you said about each spindle in your collection. I am considering getting a heavier one. Maybe a Golding.