Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Mystery Solved and Some Spindling

Thank you, Janet Lynn, for identifying the Phil Powell spindle I bought from you! I'm bound to try it, as fragile as it seems.

These are three little skeins I spindled spun and plied this weekend. The green skein on top comes from a batt used as packing material by Linda Diak in a package I received from Grafton Fibers this winter. Lovely, lovely stuff -- I'm assuming dyed by Linda. I'm thinking it may be BFL. It spins up so beautifully with a great crimp which allows for a tight, fine yarn. Both the gold and the bottom variagated are spun from Brown Sheep wool roving.
I dyed the gold fiber at North Country Spinners' "Dye Pot Day" last August with cutch. Although somewhat nondescript, it's a neutral tone that could be useful when combined with other natural dyes. I used a bit of the roving to work out the kinks on a Natalie spindle with a bent hook, trying for a lace weight yarn. It may be lace weight but it's not at all balanced.

The variagated skein was an overlooked part of my Easter Egg dyeing project. These colors seemed muddy in the roving but spun up pleasantly muted. I Navajo plied them to keep the colors together and avoid the barber pole effect.

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