Monday, August 28, 2006

UFO's - A Partial List

This weekend we went in Pittsburgh to visit family, arriving Friday evening, leaving Sunday morning. Because I was the driver for the 350 miles each way, I had little knitting or spinning time. But, I did finish one more square for my daughter's wedding afghan. I've acted as "ghost knitter" for a number of friends who want to be a part of the project but can't knit or aren't confident enough. While I tried to encourage them, I did take on about 6 extra squares. For this square I used the dragon scales pattern which drove me absolutely crazy every now and then. I do love it, tho', and figured out how to use it for socks.
Photos later, after they're blocked and/or as a part of the coverlet/afghan.

So, I had a chance to think about my many projects. I'm almost finished with the "Homage to the Red, White and Blue" socks for the DB. On the sticks are also my first toe up socks.
Still to complete:
mermaid Australian cross stitch/needlepoint for one friend
tank top
baby blanket
my son wants beer bottle cosies -- would you believe?
and, the DB found a partially finished washcloth with a lovely lace stitch I'd adapted.
Many more in the ready-to-go category -- too many to list.

Then, there's the stash.

Time for bed. Hope I don't have nightmares about pointy sticks chasing me...

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