Monday, August 07, 2006

De-stashing, the Family a spindle report

My latest spindling treasure from The Wheel Thing.
Top: Russian Lace Spindle; Bottom: Wrist distaff and two spindles by Forrester. Click on the link to my Flickr page if you want to know more about the spindles.
By the way, ask me if I know how to spin cashmere. Or, if I even have any. At least I'm prepared. You never know.

The Advantages of Crafty Offspring
Do you know the best way to de-stash, deaccession, simplify your life, make room, etc.? Have a knitting daughter. DD was kind enough to take my complete set of 40" Addi-turbos, 2/per size from 0 to 5. I had acquired them in the early (and mistaken) throes of magic loop enthusiasm. Now that I am happily reconciled to my 5 little sticks, the needles needed a new home...didn't they? She was also kind enough to relieve me of 3 sock yarns I no longer wished to knit. Now that I have discovered the joys of Hill Country, Helen's Laces and Blue Moon. Anyway, it always makes it feel like less of a waste if I can give it to my kids. I have to confess that my son was heard telling his friend as they were leaving after a holiday, "see if you can get out of here without her trying to give you something!" I'm only sorry he doesn't knit.

Spindling Dunce Moment
I was having a real beginner flashback this morning as I tried to spin soy silk on the heavy Satine Natalie. It had to fall about 867 times and bend its little hook several dozen times before it clicked: this was a typical 'spindle too heavy for the fiber being spun' problem. Duh. By this time I was hating the soy silk (which is soooo flyaway!) and thinking evil thoughts about this previously very favorite spindle. So, I switched to the lightweight Phil Powell 15 to find, to my horror, that the very thin wire hook had been totally bent out of shape, as I had predicted and feared. But I got out my trusty needle nose pliers and fixed it. I hope.

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