Thursday, August 31, 2006

An Homage to the Red, White and Blue

Finally, they're almost done, these socks for my DB. They are inspired by the enthusiasm for patriotic iconography following 9/11. Yes, I know, the fad became trite way before the socks were finished. What can I tell you? Even though I'm a New Yorker I didn't wish to knit an homage to our fair city in the hue of its native costume -- black. And, I'm not at all fond of orange, white and royal blue, the city's emblamtic colors. So, we decided on muted shades of our national tricolor. This project became a sort of albatross, hanging about the bottom of my current- project knitting bag for almost five years. (At least I didn't have to hang them around my neck.) They're also my first original sock design. Sewing in the loose ends took over over two hours on the one sock I've finished. Why so long? It was late, I was tired (but doggedly determined) and I was seeing double and fuzzy.


spider said...

Very nice socks, Liza! Your DB will be proud to wear them.

Liza said...

Thank you!