Thursday, April 03, 2008

Layette beginnings

The prospect of becoming a grandmother is soooo wonderful. Kinehura.

I've begun knitting for my first grandbaby, due in August. These booties were made from leftover Schaefer Sock Yarn "Anne". They're still missing their little ribbons but that will come this weekend, I think. This cute little washcloth is from my favorite and otherwise totally reliable knitting book, Mason Dixon KnittingUnfortunately, this is not a good pattern. It just won't lie flat. Look at the book -- you'll see that it's never shown flat. But, never mind, it's still very cute and I know how to make flat round or pinwheel items all by myself. So there! I knit it in Sugar 'n' Creme by Lily worsted. If I haven't planned too much, there'll be a big old baby towel to accompany it.

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Simcha said...

This is exciting news! The booties are really cute. I don't think it will matter if the washcloth is flat or not--just my hunch. --Simcha