Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Another Absorba the Mat

The Absorba Frenzy continues. This time it's big enough to count as a rug.

Materials: leftover of 3 1lb cones plus most of 3 more 1lb cones Elmore & Pisgah Peaches & Creme Mountain Colors double worsted
Dimensions: 36" x 30" prewashed
Cat: Phoebe Rose
Leftover: 2 oz yarn!

This little rug is very heavy and thick, as one knits 3 strands at once on #15 needles. But, these wonderful absorbas have the virtue of staying flat on the floor, not tripping up passers-by.

The top photo features Phoebe Rose sniffing out Absorba in an early phase. I ended up with three strips around the center, with two more on each long side (to make 4 on those sides), resulting in a rectangular Absorba.

Another rug / mat for The D.B.! yay!

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