Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Socks with Schaefer Yarn

Another pair for my D.B., finished mid-October, 2007. I used my favorite pattern, starting with 96 stitches on #0 needles and her very favorite pattern. Finally, I've come to the right calf shaping. However, all her socks gather round the ankles anyway - which the dear doesn't mind. I bought this yarn, even though it's made in New York State, when I was visiting Las Cruces, N.M. last June. I'd never come across this yarn in any New York City yarn shops, and definitely not in my quite limited NJ lys.

The details: "Anne" by Schaeffer Yarns. 60% merino superwash, 25% mohair and 15% nylon. At $26.99 (silly, that!) it's expensive but you get an awful lot of yarn for your money -- 560 yards / 4 oz. I have enough left over despite the generous socks pictured above, for a pair of booties!

I just love this yarn. More especially, my D.B. adores the colors and feel of it. It was a real pleasure to work with and although the socks have only been in the wash a few times, they're holding up well.

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