Saturday, January 05, 2008

One More Afghan by the Stettenheim Stitchers

The Stettenheim Stitchers finished their third afghan since 2005 for the Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services' Sanctuary Stitchers Project. This worthy organization gives these blankets to children entering the foster care system. At the moment, a fourth afghan is being put together and we have enough completed blocks for one more. I've ordered 15 skeins from Yarn Forward, in Canada, which offers a wide variety of Paton's Canadiana acrylic yarn. On January 16 the JBFCS will hold its blanket ceremony where I work so we'll be able to attend.

From left to right in the photo above: L.S., D.M., and W.H.; D.M. and W.H., along with H, who is D.M.'s sister and W.H.'s aunt, made many of the blocks that make up this afghan. Look for their interesting stitch and color patterns. H.L. is our designer who decides how the blocks will be assembled into an afghan. She also does a a big share of the knitting. R.L. cheerfully and efficiently crochets the blocks into strips and then joins the strips to create a whole new afghan, as though by magic. To finish off the project, L.S. sews in the yarn ends and crochets the border. See previous posts for H.L.'s andR.L.'s photos and that of J.R., who'd made a few blocks when she had time in the past. Photo credit: R.W., another Stettenheim Volunteer!

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