Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tofutsies Tried

Here is my D.B., sporting socks finished in mid-August, 2007. I used Tofutsies by Southwest Trading Company and #1 needles, using a pattern I designed for her very own legs and feet! And, she loved the cheerful colorway.

I wish the socks looked as good now. In just four months of wearing they've become rather drab. Luckily my D.B. still likes how they feel and doesn't seem perturbed by the change. I did not enjoy knitting with this yarn at all. Not only did it smell of shrimp peels during the humid summer when I was knitting with it, but it split more than any yarn I've ever used. I grew to loathe it. Unfortunately, I have two more skeins.

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Bonnie said...

just started a pair of tofutsies socks--wish I had seen your comment sooner.
Hope to eventually ge tto the dyke knitting circle. I'm on the West Side with my partner, dog and cat. There is a west side knitters group at Starbucks Wed. 6-8.