Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hat & Scarf for Stitch'n'Time's Sunday Lunch Program Project

Here's the hat and scarf I finished on February 10 during the first days following surgery on February 5. Let me recommend this as a great recovery activity. I chose something that wouldn't be too much of a challenge and would also be very forgiving. Instead of knitting either the hat or the scarf as the directions advised, I decided to knit both.

At work we have a charity knitting program called Stich 'n' Time, chaired by the lovely and most capable Charlene W. They are planning to give out hand-made scarves and hats to the people who come to The Sunday Lunch Program on February 24. Claire Brenner, President of the Big Apple Knitters Guild, created the patterns for Stich 'n' Time , who also provided the yarn to willing knitters.

I used 6.5 oz of a 7 oz / 187 g. skein of Bernat SuperValue Acrylic, 382 yds / 350 m. in worsted weight. The hat weighed 2.5 oz, the scarf 4 oz.

Because I knit loosely I used #7 needles instead of the recommended #8 and cast on 34 stitches instead of the recommended 32. The edge stitch is a chain edge. It's 14" of garter stitch, 14" of k2p2 rib and 14" of garter. I made the hat on a 16" #7 circular needle instead of the recommended 2 needles, ending, of course, with #7 dp's. Cast on 88 sts, k2p2 for 5"; stockingette st for an additional 5" then decrease every other row , evenly 11 times in the round. It works out to k6, k2tog in the first dec.row; k5, k2tog in 2 dec.row, etc. until there are 11 stitches, then pull these together tightly.

Thank you, Charlene and Claire, for the chance to participate in this project.

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