Thursday, January 24, 2008

Present For My Sister

Materials: Ritratto by Filatura Di Crossa, color red #44 dye lot 2091. 3 balls, each 198 yds/1.75 oz.; fiber content: 28% mohair; 53% viscose (rayon); 10% polyamide and 9% p0lyester. I'm not certain which of these fibers adds the subtle metallic glittery element. Knit on #2 needles (wooden), 70 sts in k1p1 rib to give it structure. It's about 60" long and about 10" wide.

Above you can see my sister A. , sitting in the architecturally exciting lobby of the building in which she works. There is so much light and space, both luxuries in the middle of Manhattan Island. I love the way she looks in the scarf and was so pleased that she likes it.

I worked with a number of sizes of needles before deciding that the rich yarn needed the simple structure of k1p1 to show off the beauty of this yarn. It took a long time, actually, to knit it, and confess that I almost kept it for myself.

A few years ago I'd knit a scarf for my aunt, using the now discontinued and impossible to find -- and perfectly lovely -- lavender shade of Ritratto. However, because it was knit in stockingette with only a few stitches on either side on garter, it did curl. Even though I'm an experienced knitter, I failed to avoid the dreaded stockingette curled-up scarf.

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