Monday, April 10, 2006

Guild Meeting

On Friday I attended NCS's monthly meeting. It was a business meeting followed by a mini program. Jenny Hinchman spoke about the learning exchange sponsored by HGA in which she'd participated.

This time I brought my wheel. I had the privilege to sit next to Cordelia, the Guild's matriarch. She's 92 and was learning magic loop. That's impressive. On my other side was Jean S., who'd been such a wonderful mentor during the dyepot session last summer. Great neighbors!

I spun the fleece I'd dyed at a 2003 Peters Valley natural dyeing workshop, taught by Catherine Bump. I;d used Osage Orange and just love the bright yellow color. On the bobbin the color is uniform which I didn't expect. I realized that the variagation in the locks is caused by the concentration of dyed fiber at the tips.

I've tried various approaches to this fiber: spinning from the lock; flicking and combing. Although combing results, as ever, in lots of waste, it brings out the natural sheen of the looks. Combing also removes some of the second cuts. It turns out that the fleece, despite having been washed before and after dyeing, is still quite oily.

Coredelia, in the kindest way possible, suggested that I put more twist into it. She's right. Although I spun it worsted, I didn't put in enough twist. By accident I'd used the larger bobbin. So, next time I have a chance I'll run it through the wheel quickly to add a little more twist.

What kind of fiber -- good question. I can't find my notes from the class but it may be Romney.

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