Monday, April 10, 2006

Partial Stash Revealed

The nice thing about living in two places is the opportunity for MORE STASH.
Top Photo: the bins storing fiber, mostly not yet spun. They hold some Lincoln, Shetland, silk from The Silkworker, Brown Sheep roving, hand-me-down batts, roving from Rovings (bought at SOAR 2004) and more. The cardboard box under the basket is my birthday present -- the color wheel of yarn from KnitPicks. The fiber I'm planning to spin next is in the basket. The right hand bins are topped by my family's ancestral quilt, made by the Maury family in Mississippi in the 1840's.

Bottom photo: equipment shelf with the Louet carder in the box to the left. Spindles, fiber prep tools, dyeing equipment and knitting projects.

Above: Fiber corner in the dining room. (The bin does not contain any fiber-related stuff). My Louet S10, faithful Strauch spinning stool, very favorite lazy kate and what I'm actually spinning. See last post.


FadoFan said...


Nice blog, I love the pictures of your yarn and dye results.

Anyway, dropping a line to suggest that your mystery fiber is BFL. BFL is the only wool that I know of that makes those distinctive ringlets. It's called purling.

Looks like scrumptious fiber, whatever it is.


Liza said...

Thank you, Fadofan -- you're absolutely right, that IS what we received.