Friday, April 14, 2006

Traveling Stash

What's the first thing I pack for a trip? You guessed it -- my fiber projects.
From the right: lace socks (UFO); a Bosworth Midi with New Zealand Perendale/mohair; 2 Bosworth Featherweights with merino/silk; the INFAMOUS magic loop Interminable Socks; new yarn should I actually finish the infamous socks and necessary equipment, including a Stretton mini niddy-noddy, a sheep measuring tape and yarn cutter. The Bossies were a total self-indulgence. But they fit very nicely into skinny little tubes and will be perfect.

Too much. You betcha. I live in dread of running out of projects and having what my sisters and I used to call "itchy fingers." The Perendale/mohair is packed in the unlikely event that I actually finish spinning and plying all the merino silk.

When I return I'll let you know. We're not leaving immediately.

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