Thursday, April 06, 2006

Scarf for Di

Our friend Di, visiting from Australia, wearing the scarf we gave her. It was really brisk in New York yesterday and she was grateful for the additional warmth, having only brought spring clothes on this trip. It snowed yesterday, especially for Di, who was quite delighted inspite of being cold.

The scarf on the kitchen table as we wait for our Chinese food delivery. (Details on contruction below)

I'd knit this up during jury duty last December and was waiting for the perfect recipient. In our house I am encouraged to purchase any fibery item I want, even though I KNOW they are unnecessary. Many of the presents we give jointly come from my bounteous stash.

60" x 10", in Farrow stitch, knit on #15 needles using Modigliani by King Yarns/Filtes Rosina, color #12. It's a bulky cabled yarn 64 m/70 yds to a skein. This yarn requires a lot of yardage -- it doesn't go far at all; this scarf took 6 skeins. Di is taking this Australian merino home again.

This was an unfortunate purchase with a wonderful positive outcome. I'd bought it on the net from a yarn store in Western Canada. The yarn arrived having been rewound on a skein winder. I wasn't pleased and became more unhappy when I weighed it. Each skein was considerably underweight, individually and altogether. Because I have 20+ more skeins of the same set aside for a jacket, I was able to confirm that these balls fell considerably under the average variation. I contacted the vendor but was offered no satisfaction. Despite disguising where and from whom I'd bought the yarn, the KnitList moms did not allow me to post about this issue, "in case store owners' feelings might be hurt." I was surprised at their reasoning.

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Teijai said...

The scarf looks wonderful. I'm glad you did have a positive outcome from a bad experience. IMHO, the KnitList moms should not have stopped your post. The store is obviously not worried about their feelings being hurt or they would have taken better care of their customer. It's a simple thing called customer service.