Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Half finished for Team Wales

Go, Team Wales, Go! The scarf is half finished. I knitted the swatch during the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics, waiting for the torch to be lit. Silly me hadn't heard about the Yarn Harlot's rule change. The swatch photo was intentionally lightened to make it easier to see the pattern stitches despite the dark yarn.

Yarn: KnitPicks Andean Silk, worsted weight, #6 needles, 60 sts. Andean Silk is loosely plied so it needs a structured sort of stitch to have any heft. (See swatch photo for the stitches I tried out.) I just didn't like the way the yarn held the k2p2 Rib or Farrow Stitch. And, the Polperro Northcott (sans mid ditch)is not reversible, desirable in a scarf. Even though k1p1 makes the narrowest fabric, it has enough give while being thick enough to make a toasty warm scarf. K1p1 really shows off the sheen of this lovely yarn, too.

My goal is a 72" scarf, attainable because of have 6 skeins which are actually knitting up at 12" each....thank goddess.


Anonymous said...

loving the info in your blog - nice to see the stuff re your stitches.

Like the hat - how much silk garden? And the pattern... I love it!

Emily knitsib

M. said...

Nice swatch photo!! I've actually been thinking of using the Andean Silk, and this gives me a sense of some possible projects.