Sunday, February 26, 2006

Retrospective: Liza Learns to Spin

In August of 2002 Marsha encouraged me to sign up for a beginner's spinning workshop at Peters Valley. Marianne Kirchoff taught the 3-day class in the Craft Center's Fiber Studio. We immediately began spinning at the wheel, which was quite intimidating. The second day, maybe (?) we briefly worked with the cd spindles she'd made each of us. But, even though I hadn't really gotten the hang of it, I knew I just loved the whole process.

Because we were in a fully loaded fiber studio we all had great fun plying with a huge variey of yarns and threads. Some looked pretty weird with our newbie yarn but we were undaunted. Marianne had brought a bunch of different wheels so we could try out various styles and models. I went home with my trusty Louet S10 which I keep in NJ; my Journey Wheel is in New York.

The photo is of some of the yarn I made in that workshop. The one all the way to the right is my very first spinning. I've given some away -- it was quite funky.

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