Sunday, February 19, 2006

Team Wales meets at NYC Knitting Cafe

A lovely visit with two fellow members of Team Wales, Knitting Olympics' "Jamaican Bobsledders." (The man at the back table isn't, so far as I know, a Team Member.).
D., on the left, was in town for her chorus' performance at Carnegie Hall this evening. As we chatted and became acquainted she finished the front of her Olympic Knitting Project. See the Team Wales Frappr page for her posting of the back half. J., to the right, is working on her signature modular sweater while wearing an earlier version of the same design.


Melissa said...

Hey there. Go Team Wales!
Gary ended up coming to my knitting group in Portland today so it was really a list kinda day. Bravo folks!

Jeri said...

Lovely photo, Liza! Wish I had a pic of your marvelous hat! It was a fun afternoon for sure. Thank you for making it delightful!

Julie said...

Hey, Liza, found you on the spinning group. Not in Olympics but cheering wildly from the sidelines and offering Snugglers to whoever needs to keep warm.